Efficient & flexible

Air Taxi & charter International is with you 
every step of the way since 1992, offering the best in
business aviation.

Our teams give you a personalized, tailor-made service:
we are close to you to optimize your trips.

Your time

is valuable

Benefit from our expertise and guidance: we optimize every step of your journey,
from the organization directly to your destination.

Plan a trip,
we arrange everything for you
  • Unique interlocutor from the beginning to the end
  • Tailor-made offers, no matter your needs
  • Multiple-leg trips over one or more days
  • Relax and let our experienced team reduce your preparation time
Travel with peace of mind:
save priceless time
  • Personalized welcome by your aircrafts’ captain
  • No waiting around; you embark and disembark in good time
  • Landing closest to your destination
  • Safe and comfortable aircrafts both for work or leisure
On-site services
  • Benefit from our experience on hundreds of destinations
  • We organize your trip up to your rendezvous
  • We manage the unexpected and adapt in order to optimize your stay
  • Our local representatives will welcome you and arrange for transfers, private chauffers and reservations

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